Sailing from the Caribbean to Australia

(Yours truly)

Retirement -Sailing -Travel

Sailing from the Caribbean to Australia is about my wife Nancy and I after retirement. Many years before that day arrived a work colleague was retiring and I asked what he was going to do, he told me he had planned his retirement very well and this is what I should do and this is what we did.

Sailing from the Caribbean to Australia is in seven (7) parts they are on the index on the right hand side of this page. Sailing from the Caribbean to Australia Parts 1 to 4 and Purchasing a yacht/boat overseas, Weather Information and where to get it and lastly and sadly Friends Lost at Sea 2008.

Click on the links below or on the right of the page.

Part 1 – Travelling to St Lucia, at St Lucia and sailing to San Blas, Panama.

Part 2 – Arriving Panama Canal, Colon, Panama Canal and Panama City.

Part 3 – Galapagos Islands, Marquesas Islands, Rangiroa and Raiatea.

Part 4 – Raiatea French Polynesia, to Australia.

Purchasing a yacht/boat overseas – Tips on what to do.

Weather information – where to get weather information from.

Friends Lost at Sea 2008 – Friends lost at sea, what you can do in emergency.

These pages have been transferred from another blog site that is closing down which is the third time this has happened to me so hopefully now that I am paying for this site it will stay open. This voyage happened in 2007 and 2008, I will be going through it in due course and checking things as the original notes were my scribbles when I was on watch sailing.

Thanks for visiting.

In all my notes I refer to our tracks taken through waters some that have been adequately surveyed and a lot that have not been surveyed or unsatisfactorily surveyed, the waypoints and tracks that I have given in these notes were correct at the time of our visit in accordance with our instruments on board and I offer these as information in good faith to those that follow our journey. However, it should be noted that seabeds do change from time to time in regard to sandbars and waterways. Therefore any Captain that use this information should treat them as a guide only as instruments may differ and it is the responsibility of any Captain for the safety of ones vessel .

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