Sailing the East Coast of Australia

(Crossing the Yamba/Iluka Bar)

The pages Sailing the East Coast of Australia can be viewed on the right hand side of this page in the index or click on the links below .

This is in five parts, Sailing the East Coast of Australia Parts 1 through to 5. The part consist of:

I have put these pages together to give information regarding anchorages, these are places that we have actually been to, it is not a full coverage of all anchorages. The information has been gathered over a number of times sailing to these places.

Sailing the East Coast of Australia Part 1 – Great Sandy Straits – Moreton Bay – Tipplers Passage – Gold Coast – back to Moreton Bay – Brisbane, Mooloolaba and back to Great Sandy Straits.

Sailing the East Coast of Australia Part 2 – Bundaberg – Seventeen Seventy – Lady Musgrave Island – Pancake Creek – Seven Mile Creek – Gladstone – The Narrows – Cape Capricorn – Great Keppel Isles – Port Clinton – Pearl Bay – Island Head Creek – Hexham Island – Marble Island – Hunter Island – South Percy Island – Middle Percy Island – Curlew Island – Mackay – Keswick/ St Bees Islands – Brampton Island – Newry Island – Goldsmith Island – Shaw Island – Lindeman Island – Airlie Beach – Shute Harbour – Molle Islands – Cid Harbour – Mays Bay – Nara Inlet – Macona Inlet – Stonehaven Bay – Butterfly Bay – Blue Pearl Bay – Black Island – Langford Island – Whitehaven Beach – Haslewood Island – Tongue Bay – Hill Inlet – Line Reef – Hamilton Island – Weather warnings and Navigation warning.

Sailing the East Coast of Australia Part 3 – Gloucester Passage – Cape Upstart – Cape Bowling Green – Townsville – Magnetic Island – Palm Islands – Orpheus Island – Hinchinbrook Island/Channel – Cardwell – Zoey Bay Hinchinbrook Island – Dunk Island – Mourilyan Harbour – Fitzroy Island and Cairns.

Sailing the East Coast of Australia Part 4 – Green Island – Michaelmas Cay – Vlasoff Cay – Low Isles – Pickersgill Reef – Cooktown and Lizard Island.

Sailing the East Coast of Australia Part 5 – Brisbane sailing south – East Australian Current – Gold Coast Seaway – Yamba/Iluka – Coffs Harbour – Port Macquarie – Laureiton/Camden Head – Port Stephens – Lake Macquarie – Broken Bay Cowen Creek and Sydney Harbour including Middle Harbour.

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In all my notes I refer to our tracks taken through waters some that have been adequately surveyed and a lot that have not been surveyed or unsatisfactorily surveyed, the waypoints and tracks that I have given in these notes were correct at the time of our visit in accordance with our instruments on board and I offer these as information in good faith to those that follow our journey. However, it should be noted that seabeds do change from time to time in regard to sandbars and waterways. Therefore any Captain that use this information should treat them as a guide only as instruments may differ and it is the responsibility of any Captain for the safety of ones vessel .

2 thoughts on “Sailing the East Coast of Australia

  1. Hello John and Nancy

    Whilst researching a bucket list sailing adventure for us to the Kimberly i stubbled across you circumnavigation blog.
    I would like to thank you both for the informative if not articulate account of you travels aboard Alana Rose.
    Having limited knowledge of the areas covered in your blog you have certainly established a firm starting point for the planning required before we set off.

    Safe Travel Guys
    Paul and Cheryl


    1. Thank you Paul, as you can see by the dates it was now quite some time ago and things do change. I believe McGowan’s has closed down so you cannot get fuel there anymore. The Fremantle Sailing Club does have a guide book that you may be able to download on line, although I do not know if it has been updated since the year after our trip as they used a lot of my info in it. Enjoy your voyage and stay safe. If I can help with any other info my email is


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