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This website is about my wife Nancy and I after retirement. As a work colleague said to me don’t retire without a plan and make the plans early. So if you are going to retire start planning now don’t leave work without a plan, there is only one drawback, when you have your plan it can’t come quick enough.

(Sailing Whitsunday Islands with friends aboard)

So what was our plan? Buy a sailing catamaran and go sailing, we researched, studied, chartered boats and did courses. I had some sailing background from in my Navy days but that was a long time back.

Time went by quite quickly and before we knew it we were at that time. A friend Rick who we chartered boats through found a catamaran that he thought we would like. He said we could buy it and bring it into Australia for less than $400,000. “From where Rick?” The Caribbean. Talk about diving in the deep end.

So we sold the house the car, just about all we owned and the day after my farewell dinner we flew to St Lucia in the Caribbean and purchased ‘Alana Rose’ a Leopard 42 sailing catamaran built in South Africa.

(Alana Rose as we first saw her in Marigot Bay, St Lucia)

This site has the following articles Sailing from the Caribbean to Australia, Sailing the East Coast of Australia and Circumnavigating Australia., Each article start page is listed under Recent Posts on the right side of this page. On each of these it will give you the index of what is contained in each subject.

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(Nancy lady of the house, this is at Rodney Bay, St Lucia having just had the sign writing completed)
(Yours truly also known as JJ or Mr J)

So I hope you enjoy the journey as you read this.


In all my notes I refer to our tracks taken through waters some that have been adequately surveyed and a lot that have not been surveyed or unsatisfactorily surveyed, the waypoints and tracks that I have given in these notes were correct at the time of our visit in accordance with our instruments on board and I offer these as information in good faith to those that follow our journey. However, it should be noted that seabeds do change from time to time in regard to sandbars and waterways. Therefore any Captain that use this information should treat them as a guide only as instruments may differ and it is the responsibility of any Captain for the safety of ones vessel .